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Our mission is the Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea. That starts at the shore side with IMDG Code 41-22 compliance.

IMDG Code e-learning can help, offering cost-effective compliance for all global shore side sectors involved in the handling and transport of dangerous goods by sea.

Why do I need IMDG Code training?

  • It’s mandatory – IMDG Code training is mandatory for all global shore side staff (Chapter 1.3 of IMO’s International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code). IMDG Code e-learning complies with the mandatory requirements.
  • Competent authorities – they will want certified evidence that the correct training has been received in the event of an accident.
  • Better training will help to take care of the environment – ship fires cause damage to the earth’s atmosphere and pollute the water with chemicals.

See our IMDG Code 41-22 compliance wheel below for an overview of the main benefits.

A FREE TRIAL is available

Refresh your training the easy way!

If you don’t want to retake a whole course again, you can refresh your training with the IMDG Code e-learning Refresher course. It gives a recap on the main IMDG Code provisions and includes an update on the IMDG Code Amendment 41-22 for those who have already been trained online, or in the classroom, and have previous knowledge of the IMDG Code. The course takes around 4-7 hours of flexible online training time to complete; timing is dependent on previous experience and learning capabilities.

Go to our IMDG Code e-learning page for more information!

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