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NCB Hazcheck Limited, initially established as Exis Technologies Limited and now functioning in association with its parent firm, National Cargo Bureau (NCB), is a renowned global leader in furnishing IT solutions for the safe and compliant management of dangerous goods during sea transport. This unified organization embodies a Not-For-Profit vision dedicated to the Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea, establishing a secure and reliable marine transport environment.

Having been operational for over 35 years, NCB Hazcheck has been an unwavering ally to major shipping lines, ferry operators, ports and terminals, logistics operators, freight forwarders, as well as government and regulatory agencies worldwide, aiding them in achieving regulatory compliance in the maritime transport sector.

NCB Hazcheck extends a diverse suite of Hazcheck Systems, addressing every segment of the sea transport chain. This suite is bolstered by robust technical support, consulting services, and holds prestigious accreditations from ISO and DNV. Our adept team, stationed in Darlington, UK, merges expertise in hazardous materials, quality assurance, and project management to craft the most efficient and user-friendly systems in the industry. A testament to the efficacy of Hazcheck Systems is their daily utilization by 9 of the top 10 container lines globally.

The offerings from NCB Hazcheck include Hazcheck Validate, ensuring accurate validation of declared dangerous goods, Hazcheck Detect, a dedicated cargo screening solution to pinpoint misdeclared and undeclared dangerous cargoes, Hazcheck Inspect, a platform facilitating container cargo inspection with remote capabilities, and Hazcheck Learn, an all-encompassing e-learning system setting a new precedent for dangerous goods regulation-based training.

In the pursuit of innovation, NCB Hazcheck continually refines the Hazcheck Systems to uphold its industry-standard position for compliant transport of dangerous goods. Recent innovations have harnessed Natural Language Based AI/Machine Learning to ameliorate the identification of misdeclared and undeclared cargo, and refine the targeting process of container cargo inspections through Hazcheck Detect.

Situated in Darlington, UK, the headquarters of NCB Hazcheck is the hub for IT systems development, sales, and customer support. Our global outreach is further amplified through a network of distributors stationed in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa, embodying our enduring commitment to offering streamlined and compliant dangerous goods transport solutions on a global scale.

National Cargo Bureau

NCB Hazcheck (as Exis Technologies) became part of the NCB Group in May 2018 after being acquired by New York based container inspection company National Cargo Bureau (NCB). Together our not for profit mission is the Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea. We have been working together for over a decade in containerised dangerous cargo management solutions, most recently in the development of the Hazcheck Inspections and Hazcheck Detect tools.

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