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NCB Hazcheck Limited, formally Exis Technologies Limited, alongside parent company National Cargo Bureau (NCB), is a global leader in providing IT solutions for safe and compliant management of dangerous goods at sea. This unified entity operates as a Not-For-Profit organisation, adopting a mission of ‘Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea’. Resulting in a safer, securer and more reliable marine transport environment.

Role in Maritime Safety and Compliance

With over 35 years of operational experience, NCB Hazcheck provides regulatory compliance and safety systems to most of the worlds’ major shipping lines. In addition, ferry operators, ports, terminals, forwarders and logistics operators also routinely access the same systems.

NCB Hazcheck provide a diverse suite of Hazcheck Systems that assist safety and compliance in every segment of the sea transport chain. Systems backed-up by comprehensive technical support and consulting services, with accreditations from ISO and DNV. These factors ensure fantastic reliability and quality assurance. The dedicated team, based in Darlington, UK, has a combined expertise in software development, dangerous goods regulations and quality assurance. Crafting the most efficient and user-friendly systems in the industry. These systems are used daily by 9 of the top 10 container lines globally.

Innovations in Hazcheck Systems

The Hazcheck System suite includes; Hazcheck Validate, to ensure accurate validation, stowage and segregation of declared dangerous goods. Hazcheck Detect offers an award winning dedicated cargo screening solution. It pinpoints misdeclared and undeclared dangerous cargoes from within a clients booking process. Hazcheck Inspect facilitates container cargo inspections and includes remote inspection capabilities. Finally, Hazcheck Learn introduces a complete e-learning system. It sets a new precedent and modern approach for online dangerous goods regulation-based training.

In the pursuit of innovation, NCB Hazcheck is continually refining and improving it’s suite of systems. Recent innovations include the harnessing of Natural Language Based AI and Machine Learning. These advancements help to significantly improve the identification of misdeclared and undeclared cargoes and improve the targeting process for container cargo inspections.

NCB and its Hazcheck suite of products have recently been selected by the World Shipping Council as the independent provider for the Cargo Safety Program digital platform. 

The UK offices are the hub for IT systems development, sales, and customer support with the organisations global reach assisted by a network of distributors strategically selected in key regions.

National Cargo Bureau

NCB Hazcheck (as Exis Technologies) became part of the NCB Group in May 2018 after being acquired by New York based container inspection company National Cargo Bureau (NCB). Together our not for profit mission is the Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea. We have been working together for over a decade in containerised dangerous cargo management solutions, most recently in the development of the Hazcheck Inspections and Hazcheck Detect tools.

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