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Product Overview

Hazcheck Workstation is a PC download IMDG Code compliance tool for shippers, forwarders, agents and ship operators to validate containerised dangerous goods shipments and produce transport documentation. Loads can be checked quickly without the need to look through the books.

The system provides a dangerous goods list enquiry feature, validates mixed loads for IMDG Code segregation compliance and displays relevant packaging options. Additional ADR requirements for road transport when shipping under IMDG Code rules can also be checked. A Dangerous Goods Note (DGN) can also be produced and sent to a shipping line.

Hazcheck Workstation share its features with Hazcheck Online

Main difference is that Hazcheck Workstation is installed on a standalone PC.

Please request a quotation using the button opposite. You can download Hazcheck Workstation to your PC using the links below but you will need to buy an activation code before you are able to activate your system.

  • Features

    Substance enquiry

    • Displays information on any substance or article listed in the IMDG Code Dangerous Goods List
    • Enhanced enquiry features include identifying if shipments are allowed on passenger or cargo-only sailings, a substance-specific segregation table, whether the substance belongs to a segregation group as per of the IMDG Code
    • IMDG Code substance name lookup in English, French or Spanish
    • Optional check on the ADR requirements for road transport when shipping under IMDG Code rules (under derogation in

    Stowage and segregation validation check

    Check that substances loaded together in a container or vehicle (CTU) comply with the stowage and segregation requirements of the IMDG Code, including, at the primary and subsidiary risk level, substance-specific requirements and chemical group prohibitions.

    Packaging check

    • Easy to use packaging checks and options, including inner and outer packaging limits and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) types
    • Display Limited Quantity and Excepted Quantity options
    • Display relevant portable tank container and road tank vehicle types

    Production of a dangerous goods note

    • When all of the substances in the load have been processed, produce and save a Dangerous Goods Note (DGN)
    • Send it to a selected shipping line as an e-mail. An EDI message that eliminates re-keying of the information by the shipping line can be automatically attached

    Validation report

    Create a validation report to provide details of the validation check and information on each item in the load. The report can be saved as a pdf, printed and sent via email. Many competent authorities use this feature when checking dangerous goods shipments.

    ADR checks when under a combined IMDG Code / ADR journey

    • Specific ADR information can be viewed and checked against
    • Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code List (EAC List)
    • Option to include the tunnel code on the dangerous goods note
    • Print off ADR instructions in Writing

    An enhanced substance enquiry feature providing details on the additional operational requirements as provided in the ADR DGL; this includes:

    • ADR classification code (2.2)
    • specific ADR special provisions (3.3)
    • ADR tank information (4.3, 4.3.5, 6.8.4)
    • vehicle for tank carriage (
    • tunnel restriction code (8.6)
    • special provisions for carriage (7.2.4, 7.3.3, 7.5.11, 8.5)
    • hazard identification number (

    System requirements

    • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7/8/10
    • At least 20 Mb of hard disk space
    • Minimum 32 Mb RAM
  • Benefits

    • Simplifies and speeds dangerous goods processing – no looking through books required!
    • Increases efficiency and enhances customer service – instant and accurate!
    • Enables staff to quickly and efficiently produce compliant dangerous goods transport documentation
    • Updated and maintained in line with IMDG Code Amendments and any subsequent errata
    • Provides access to the ADR regulations for combined sea and road journeys
    • Reduces error and increases operational safety

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