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An increasing number of containership incidents are being caused by poorly stowed, undeclared or misdeclared dangerous cargoes. NCB’s Container Inspection Safety Initiative revealed an alarming number of containers carried by sea including misdeclared cargoes that represent a serious safety risk to crew, vessel and the environment. This White Paper provides a comprehensive, holistic dangerous goods approach to advance our mission of SAFETY OF LIFE AND CARGO AT SEA.

Ian J Lennard, President, NCB explains:

“The link between undeclared, misdeclared or poorly stowed dangerous cargoes and the increased incidence of catastrophic containership fires is hard to ignore. Because of the clear and present risk predominately to safety of life but also to ships, their cargoes and the environment, we are calling for all supply chain participants to work on a solution together.”

The NCB white paper details 12 recommendations as part of their holistic approach ranging from embracing a safety culture for dangerous goods compliance to practical measures for container and vessel inspections and monitoring. Taken together, NCB is confident that its recommendations will be effective in reversing the current trend of increasing containership fires.

Click on Learn more to download the Holistic Approach white paper to find out about their approach to enhance safety and address the carriage of undeclared, misdeclared and other non-compliant dangerous goods.


NCB was incorporated as a non-profit organization in May 1952 with a mission of “Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea”. The Bureau was created to render assistance to the United States Coast Guard in discharging its responsibilities under the 1948 International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea* which addressed the carriage of Dangerous Goods and Grain cargos for the first time.

National Cargo Bureau conducts tens of thousands of marine surveys and inspections related to the transport of dangerous goods on behalf of vessel operators, marine terminals, insurers and shippers in support of its mission each year. This experience provides unique insight into today’s trends and the significant challenges faced by vessel operators when transporting dangerous goods.

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