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Exis Technologies launches new container inspection system

News February 19 / 2018    12:00 am

Exis Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of Hazcheck Inspections, a web-based database and access portal for inspection companies to plan and enter details of cargo inspections completed on behalf of container or vessel operators. Two container inspection companies, National Cargo Bureau and Port Supervisor Rotterdam, have been instrumental in helping Exis to develop the system in line with customer requirements.

The solution allows the container or vessel operator to login with secure access and view or download inspection results and/or analytics.  Consistent data is recorded and reported regardless of where and who records the inspection result.  Non confidential analytics data can be shared with partners and third parties to help influence policy with respect to shipment of dangerous goods by sea.

Operators have the option to send cargo details to the inspection company so they can plan containers to select for inspection.  Pre-entered planned data can be re-used when the inspections details are recorded.  The system is supported by the roll out of a common inspection protocol to new users of the system to ensure common reporting.

National Cargo Bureau (NCB) is a non-profit organisation headquartered in New York and operates nationally across the United States with the sole mission of Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea. NCB has been an Exis customer since 2006, purchasing IMDG Code compliance systems for use in its compliance operations across the United States.  NCB has been working closely with Exis Technologies to develop the Hazcheck Inspections specification including the user interface and the type of data that container inspection operations need to collect.

Bob Ahlborn, Vice President Liner Activities, based in New York commented, “We are happy to be working alongside Exis Technologies on this exciting project. This is a ground breaking system which we are confident will improve the accuracy and timeliness of information that container inspection companies like NCB and shipping lines will be able to use to improve safety at sea”.

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