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NCB Group engages with industry for dangerous goods white paper feedback

News November 2 / 2020    12:00 am

New York based cargo inspection company National Cargo Bureau (NCB), and Group company Exis Technologies, based in the UK, have been engaging with industry on opinions relating to undeclared and misdeclared dangerous goods in the supply chain at several events following the release of NCB’s White Paper, A Comprehensive Holistic Approach to Enhance Safety and Address the Carriage of Undeclared, Misdeclared and Other Non-Compliant Dangerous Goods, in July this year.

Feedback from events that the NCB Group have presented at including a training event organised by international insurance company Thomas Miller held on 4 August, the annual International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) Conference held 14-25 September, the NCB/International Vessel Operators Dangerous Goods Association (IVODGA) virtual meeting on October 6 and the Container News Cargo Integrity Seminar on 22 October have revealed that for those responding, involved in cargo claims, in summary:

  • More than 80% of people responding have been involved in a cargo claim/incident involving an undeclared/misdeclared cargo
  • 62% of people perceive that instances of undeclared/misdeclared cargo are increasing
  • More than 90% of people responding agree that screening cargo bookings will help avoid undeclared/misdeclared cargo being placed into the supply chain. 51% of people strongly agree with the same statement.

The NCB/IVODGA virtual meeting to discuss and get feedback on the White Paper included IVODGA members, Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles (COSTHA) members, industry expert panelists from various industry sectors including container lines, port/ terminal operators, cargo insurers, vessel insurers, competent authorities, shipper and freight forwarders/logistics providers with a key role or interest in the safe transport of dangerous goods. A recording of the meeting can be seen here:

The White Paper was written in response to a recent Container Inspection Safety Initiative carried out by NCB. The inspection revealed an alarming number of containers carried by sea include misdeclared dangerous cargoes that represent a serious safety risk to crew, vessel and the environment. The white paper is calling for industry to adopt a comprehensive, holistic and coordinated approach to address this worrying trend with 12 recommendations including the incorporation of integrated digital tools like Hazcheck Detect, a new cargo screening tool for misdeclared and undeclared dangerous goods in containerised shipment developed by NCB and Exis Technologies. Maersk is the first container line signed to the tool.

Ian Lennard, President of NCB will be giving a presentation on dangerous goods in containerised shipments at the virtual Global Liner Shipping Conference on Tuesday, 3 November 2020. Ian will share information regarding the scale of the problem in the industry with insights gained through NCB’s cargo inspections and explain how Hazcheck Detect will help to improve Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea.

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