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Exis Technologies Rebrands as NCB Hazcheck

News September 28 / 2023    2:50 pm

NCB Hazcheck, formerly known as Exis Technologies, is proud to announce its exciting rebrand in collaboration with its parent company, National Cargo Bureau (NCB). The rebranding marks a significant milestone in NCB Hazcheck’s journey, solidifying its position as the industry standard for the compliant transport of dangerous goods.

The new brand identity reflects NCB Hazcheck’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement. The company’s leading software solutions for dangerous goods management enable clients to streamline operations, reduce risk, and ensure compliance with global regulations.

NCB Hazcheck and NCB share a common mission: the safety of life and cargo at sea. The rebranding signifies a strategic alignment of the two organizations, leveraging their combined expertise and resources to deliver even more comprehensive and innovative safety solutions.

The rebrand is also a testament to NCB Hazcheck’s continued growth and success. The company has experienced significant momentum in recent years, expanding its global footprint and customer base. The rebranding positions NCB Hazcheck for continued growth and success in the years to come.

NCB Hazcheck is committed to providing clients with the most advanced technology solutions for dangerous goods management. NCB Hazcheck’s software is used by a wide range of clients in the maritime shipping industry, including shipping lines, freight forwarders, cargo terminals, and regulatory bodies. The company’s solutions have helped clients to significantly improve safety standards and reduce risk.

The rebrand of NCB Hazcheck is an exciting development for the maritime shipping industry. It marks a new era of digital innovation in cargo safety and compliance. With its commitment to safety and cutting-edge technology, NCB Hazcheck is well-positioned to continue its mission of safeguarding lives and cargo at sea.

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