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Exis Technologies develops new container weighing content for CTUpack e-learning course

August 1 / 2015    12:00 pm

There have been two important changes recently that should have a positive impact on the movement of goods around the globe, and improve safety in the supply chain. The first is the new CTU Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTUs). The second change is the amendment to SOLAS concerning verification of gross mass for containers, mandatory from July 2016.

Now that those two important steps have been achieved, dissemination of the information and education of those involved in the global supply chain will be an important factor in their success.

Exis Technologies developed CTUpack e-learning, an online training tool for those involved in the loading and unloading of CTUs. The objective is to focus industry attention on the dangerous implications of bad packing and to provide guidance consistent with current good practice.

Exis is now developing a new module for the CTUpack e-learning course focusing on the container weighing process. The new module will include information on the two methods of verifying the gross mass of a container as a pre-condition of loading on board a ship: either weighing the packed container (Method 1) or weighing all constituent parts of the load (Method 2).

ICHCA members can take advantage of a 15% discount on CTUpack e-learning and other specialist training courses offered by Exis Technologies.

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