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NCB Prioritizing Safety in Sea Transport.

Since 1952, the National Cargo Bureau (NCB) has consistently put a high value on sea safety, emphasizing the commitment to safety of life and cargo  with sea transport. This dedication comes from the urgent need to prevent maritime disasters caused by shipping dangerous goods. NCB operates globally through its virtual capabilities, focusing on safety and compliance through careful inspections.

Strategic Expansion and Global Presence

In 2018, NCB made a strategic move by acquiring Exis Technologies, enhancing safety and compliance in global dangerous goods transportation. As a result, the combined companies have established global reach for both its online and offline activities. This global presence has greatly improved the organization’s understanding of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) obligations. In 2023 Exis Technologies renamed as NCB Hazcheck to more closely align with it’s parent company.

Ethical Commitment and Environmental Stewardship

The bedrock of NCB’s ethos is a simple yet profound idea: the values and commitment to long-term sustainability guide their mission — THE SAFETY OF LIFE AND CARGO AT SEA. NCB goes beyond rhetoric, taking accountability for its societal impact and actively working to reduce environmental damage. The organization extends its commitment to assisting business partners in minimizing environmental risks associated with transporting cargo over navigable waters. NCB crafts services to detect dangerous goods/marine pollutants with inadequate packaging or securing, preventing potential incidents, a testament to their dedication to safety in sea transport. This prevents incidents with adverse environmental impacts.

Inclusivity, Diversity, and Social Responsibility

Beyond its core mission, NCB actively fosters an inclusive, safe, and conducive work environment, placing due importance on workplace diversity, inclusion, and community involvement. Investments in employee volunteer work and educational scholarships for maritime colleges serve as pivotal factors, notably contributing to the substantial attraction and retention of top talent. Upholding human rights and ethical practices, NCB operates responsibly throughout its processes, from service initiation to delivery.

Highest Standards and Global Trust

The organization’s commitment extends to operating with utmost standards in ethics, transparency, governance, and a foresighted approach to long-term growth. This commitment is reinforced through global services and technology solutions. It emphasizes ethical data handling and establishes trust as a reliable partner. Transparency is not just a principle for NCB; it is an active and integral part of their decision-making processes. It defines a work environment where morals and principles are consistently aligned throughout all business practices.

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