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Product Overview

The IMDG Coded Variant List (CVL) is supplied by Exis Technologies as a free resource to assist companies in exchanging IMDG Code information in EDI messages, such as BAPLIE and IFTMBF.

The provision of this IMDG Coded Variant List (CVL) is the result of a partnership with the SMDG Group who supply the manuals to define EDI messages in the maritime industry.

The CVL helps to overcome the ambiguities when identifying a variant within a single UN number that may occur when two companies exchange DG information. This exchange may be automatic using EDI files and it may also involve some manual procedure. These ambiguities can arise for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Differences in the DG information held in the DG databases
  • Layers of software in the transmission process that limits the information that can be exchanged automatically
  • Different versions of the IMDG Code data, a consequence of different implementation times for new data when either a new IMDG Code amendment (implemented at any time within the transition year) or errata are released or because of different data from various sources

In the case of an EDI exchange, by using the CVL a receiving system can look for a match with its own substance data. If a match is found, then the substance data (i.e. variant) identified within the receiving system is the same variant used in the sending system to produce the EDI file. See the ‘Resources & Support’ section for a technical description (PDF) for the CVL.

How do I get the CVL?

Download the CVL file under the Resources & Support section opposite free of charge. You will need to read the Terms & Conditions before your start using the data.

I need IMDG Code data

Exis Technologies can also provide a full data source and validation routines for IMDG Code, 49 CFR and ADR data. This supply includes an update service. The solutions are:

Hazcheck Data provides all the fields from the columns in the electronic Dangerous Goods List including the properties and observations. This enables fast, easy integration into computer based systems.

Hazcheck Toolkits provide dangerous goods data packages and routines (stowage and segregation, packaging) for incorporation into cargo booking, handling and planning systems.

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