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A summary of the IMDG Code Corrigenda Amendment 40-20 published in May 2022 by the International Maritime Organization is below.

  • Minor edits to the Classification provisions in Part 2
  • Minor edits to the Special provisions including a new SP399 applicable to DETONATORS, ELECTRONIC
  • Stowage Code SW1 deleted from UN 1056
  • New (amalgamating and
  • Minor edits to packing instructions P802, IBC08, LP622 and LP906
  • Change to the dangerous goods description examples in
  • Clarification to the wording for segregation in relation to foodstuffs in by adding reference to the specific segregation groups applicable
  • Update to the competent authority details for France, Germany and Spain in 7.9.3

The full IMDG Code Corrigenda is available from IMO’s website in English, French and Spanish


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IMDG Code Summary of Changes

The IMDG Code Summary of Changes in Amendment 41-22, available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese can be found here

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