IMDG Code Amendment 41-22 Errata and Corrigenda Dec 2023 – Overview of changes

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A summary of the IMDG Code Errata and Corrigenda Amendment 41-22 published in December 2023 by the International Maritime Organization is below.

  • Contents – minor correction to section 2.0.6 to add the correct ‘,’ and to add the existing section 5.5.4, ‘Dangerous goods in equipment in use or intended for use during transport”.
  • Preamble – the last sentence of paragraph 10 is reworded, governments are no longer ‘encouraged’ to apply Amendment 41 on a voluntary basis from January 1, 2023, but ‘may apply it in whole or part’.
  • Definitions – the word ‘European’ is dropped from the reference to the ADR Agreement in the definition of ‘Liquids’.
  • 2.0.6 – the heading is amended (same change as applied in the contents).
  • SP237 – the reference to the manual of tests and criteria is updated.
  • SP277 – reference to the LQ provisions being in chapter 3.4 is added.
  • – correction to wording in the last sentence ‘packages’ to ‘packagings.’
  • LP622, LP99, LP101, LP102, LP902 – To ensure consistency the words ‘following packagings’ are now reworded to read ‘following large packagings.’
  • – the words ‘pressure rating’ replaced by the words ‘design pressure’
  • – regarding infectious substances, the word ‘his’ replaced by ‘their’ to be gender neutral.
  • – regarding inspection and testing of class 2 receptacles, minor wording change ‘code’ to ‘recognized technical code.’
  • – regarding tank and element support frameworks, the referenced IMO Assembly resolution is updated in the footnote.
  • 6.10 – regarding provisions for FRP tanks, there are several minor corrections throughout this chapter
  • 7.1.1/ 7.4.1 – ‘container ships’ changed to read ‘containerships’.
  • 7.1.1 – barge carrying ships changed to read ‘barge-carrying ships’.
  • .3 – the word ‘persons’ changed to read ‘people.’
  • 7.9.3 – There are updates to the contact information for Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand and Nigeria
  • Index – the following missing entries are added:

The full IMDG Code Corrigenda is available from IMO’s website.   


These changes were current at the time of production and as always full details should be consulted in the text of the released corrigenda if any of the mentioned items may affect your business. 
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IMDG Code Summary of Changes

The IMDG Code Summary of Changes in Amendment 41-22, available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese can be found here

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