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Exis Technologies rebrands as NCB

News May 25 / 2023    2:48 pm

In a significant move to strengthen their commitment to safety and compliance in cargo transportation, National Cargo Bureau (NCB) and Exis Technologies have unified under the brand, ‘NCB’. This newly combined global organisation aims to leverage more than a century of collective expertise, experience, and technological innovation to enhance safety of life and cargo at sea.

The decision to rebrand globally represents a strategic alignment of the not-for-profit organization, National Cargo Bureau, with Exis Technologies now trading as ‘NCB Hazcheck’, a leading provider of software solutions for dangerous goods management. The unified organisation signifies a shared commitment to innovation and technological advancement.  By consolidating their strengths, NCB is better positioned to offer industry wide solutions and achieve its mission of promoting safety and compliance in cargo transportation on a global scale.

Ian Lennard, President of NCB said, “This is an exciting time for the organisation, NCB is the perfect combination of expertise and trailblazing technology to further our mission, Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea.”

Hazcheck, NCB’s flagship suite of software products, has long been recognized as an industry leader for dangerous goods management.  Hazcheck Detect, powered by AI, recently earned a prestigious Business IQ award for innovation as well as the Logistics UK award, acknowledging NCB’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art safety solutions.  By leveraging complex algorithms and machine learning capabilities, Hazcheck Detect can analyse vast amounts of data and identify potential mis-declared or undeclared dangerous cargos more effectively than ever before, further advancing safety standards in cargo transportation.

NCB also recognizes the importance of container inspections in ensuring cargo safety. In addition to its physical inspections, through the utilization of cutting-edge technology, NCB has augmented its capacity to inspect containers and dangerous cargo remotely, allowing for more efficient and comprehensive assessments on a global scale. This innovative approach coupled with Hazcheck, enables NCB to deliver comprehensive safety solutions to a broad range of clients, regardless of geographical limitations, while maintaining stringent quality standards.

With the rebranding of National Cargo Bureau and Exis Technologies as NCB, the industry can expect a new era of digital innovation in cargo safety and compliance. NCB’s rich history, combined expertise, and technological advancements position them as leaders in the field, capable of meeting the ongoing and evolving need for global container safety initiatives. The integration of AI and expansion of remote inspection capability exemplify the organization’s dedication to safety of life and cargo at sea. As NCB continues to drive forward, their focus on innovation and commitment to excellence will undoubtedly help shape the future of cargo transportation safety.

About NCB

Since its inception in 1952, National Cargo Bureau (NCB) has been singularly committed to the safety of life and cargo at sea.  NCB came into existence because of the need to prevent maritime disasters brought about by the shipment of dangerous goods.  NCB operates on a global basis helping to enhance safety and ensure compliance with regulations through inspection and surveying activities predominantly relating to dangerous goods, the stability of ships carrying bulk cargoes, and proper stowage and securing of cargo for sea.  In 2018, NCB acquired Exis Technologies, a software company aligned with the corporate mission, ensuring safety and compliance in the global transportation of dangerous goods. Together we have an established global reach; physically and digitally.


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