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Exis Technologies launches e-learning courses to aid compliance with CTU Code and container VGM requirements

News May 10 / 2016    12:00 am

Exis is pleased to announce the introduction of two new e-learning courses for safe handling and packing in accordance with the CTU Code and to assist compliance with the SOLAS Verification of Gross Mass (VGM) regulation. TT Club has provided sponsorship to support development of the courses.

As consistently evidenced by the experience of both global freight transport insurer, TT Club and the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS) Organisation, poor CTU packing is responsible for an alarmingly high number of incidents leading to damage, loss, injuries and fatalities. Additionally, the declaration of incorrect container weight (or Gross Mass) also contributes to adverse safety conditions.

There have been two recent, important developments that are aimed at improving this situation. The first is the introduction of the Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code) formulated jointly by three United Nations bodies, IMO, ILO and UNECE*, and approved as non-mandatory international law. The second is the amendment to SOLAS** to require verified gross mass (VGM) for packed containers, which enters into mandatory force on 1 July 2016.

Exis Technologies, a leading supplier of compliance systems to the freight transport industry, has responded to these positive initiatives to improve transport safety by introducing two new e-learning courses.

  • Introduction to the CTU Code Course provides an overview to the CTU Code. It highlights how to navigate the key sections of the Code and how it can support training in the packing and securing of cargo into/onto CTUs. The course is aimed at all those who are involved in packing and consigning goods through the supply chain, including warehouse operators, forwarders, freight depot staff, hauliers and logistics service providers. This practical course contains direct links to the electronic version of the CTU Code.
  • Introduction to Freight Container VGM Course explores the verified gross mass requirement, including the two methods permitted in obtaining VGM, being weighing the container once it is packed (Method 1) or weighing all the constituent parts and adding that to the tare mass of the container (Method 2). This course is designed to provide all the information needed to understand why this legal requirement was developed, its objectives and offer practical solutions.

The new courses will follow the tried and tested e-learning format already being used for the Exis IMDG Code e-learning courses, launched in January 2010 to meet the mandatory requirements for training of shore side staff involved in shipping dangerous goods by sea.

The end of course review and assessment will provide a final summary and test understanding of the material covered.  A course completion certificate will automatically be generated that can be printed out and kept as a record of training.

The courses are available for the web or as SCORM (learning management system) compliant content packages for national, regional or global training programs. The courses are set up on an e-learning administrator system to enable in-house management for staff undertaking the training, including course configuration, setting pass marks and timeframes for completion and progress monitoring.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director, TT Club, commented, “TT Club has long been concerned over the safety implications of badly packed cargoes in containers and other cargo transport units (CTUs).  The CTU Code and changes to SOLAS requiring Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of packed containers are important steps in promoting good practice and improving efficiency in the supply chain.  Training is clearly the number one loss prevention measure and, if adopted as a core feature of the operator’s culture, can greatly reduce the number of incidents incurred globally each year throughout the industry. These e-learning courses offer high quality and easily accessible training for all those involved in freight transport, each of whom materially impact safety.”

The new courses are also supported by the International Cargo Handling Association (ICHCA).

More information is available at

*International Maritime Organization, International Labour Organization, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

**International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea

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