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Exis Technologies launches Amdt 40-20 IMDG Code eLearning, Forwarder Magazine, July 2021

August 4 / 2021    9:38 am

Many incidents involving the transport of dangerous goods both at sea and ashore can be attributed to a poor understanding of IMDG Code provisions. Incorrect documentation, packaging, segregation, stowage within the container and on board ship and many other common errors put lives, property and the environment at risk. An increasing number of containership incidents are being caused by poorly stowed, undeclared or misdeclared dangerous cargoes

Why do forwarders need training?

IMDG Code training has been mandatory for all shore-side staff involved in dangerous goods transport since 2010. The requirements for training can be found in Chapter 1.3 of the IMDG Code, produced by the International Maritime Organization, which is the rule book for shipping dangerous goods by sea. Forwarders are a key link in the sea transport chain. Even if forwarders do not set out to include dangerous goods handling as part of their business model they may inadvertently handle DG unknowingly because the shipment includes substances that have been misdeclared or undeclared by the shipper. Establishing a compliant DG training programme can help staff to recognise dangerous substances, understand package marking/labelling requirements and segregation/stowage within a container and be compliant when completing the required documentation.

What is IMDG Code e-learning?

IMDG Code e-learning was developed to meet the need of training large numbers of shore side staff, and has been updated at each new Amendment since it was launched. IMDG Code Amendment 40-20, on which the new courses are based, can be used throughout 2021 voluntarily, becomes mandatory on 1 June 2022 and will be in force until 31 December 2023.

The other Amendment 40-20 courses are tailored to different job functions involved in dangerous goods movement such as booking office staff, consignors, packers and cargo handlers, ship loaders and ship operators. An advanced e-learning course is available for dangerous goods safety advisers, and a refresher course for those who need to update their training to Amdt 40-20, either previous classroom or online students.

IMDG Code e-learning is a Certified Det Norske Veritas Learning Programme and is approved by several competent authorities around the world. The courses have been used by six of the ten largest container shipping lines as part of their global training programmes as well as by many other companies active in the maritime transport chain

IMDG Code e-learning is sponsored by leading transport and logistics insurer, TT Club, and supported by the International Container Handling Association (ICHCA).

Benefits of IMDG Code e-learning

E-learning offers trainees the flexibility to login into their course from a PC, laptop or tablet and learn at their own pace either at their place of work or at home. Training and assessment is 100% online and there is a course completion certificate which can be kept as a record of training and presented to the competent authority if required.

Courses can be added to a free e-learning administrator system to allow designated people in the organisation to set up students, assign pass marks and monitor progress. This delivers consistent training standards across operations on either a local, regional or global basis and is especially relevant to corporate quality assurance programmes.

The courses also help Exis customers understand how to use tools like Hazcheck Online to check containerised DG shipments against the IMDG Code as part of their day to day operations.

Exis Technologies has been a global leader in IT systems for the transport of DG by sea and e-learning courses for the transport industry for nearly 35 years. Since April 2018 Exis has been part of the New-York based National Cargo Bureau (NCB). Together their not for profit mission is to ensure the Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea.

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