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Overcome the danger by studying online –

February 1 / 2010    12:00 pm

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An e-learning course is being promoted by TT Club and ICHCA International after mandatory IMDG Code training came into force on 1 January. All shoreside personnel involved in dangerous goods being transported by sea, including shipping line booking staff, container packers, consolidators, shippers, forwarders, stevedores and other port workers are required to undertake appropriate training.

After lobbying strenuously for the change – incorporated in amendment 34-08 of the IMDG Code – TT Club and ICHCA said the course, from Exis Technologies, was efficient and cost-effective, fulfilling the mandatory requirements.

The IMDG Code e-learning was developed by Exis with the support of industry bodies, including the IMO, and is independently certified by Det Norske Veritas. Each course is configured to the student’s job role and follows the IMDG Code general awareness and function-specific training requirements.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, MD for risk at TT Club, said: “The real challenge for this training is not so much those who have awareness of maritime carriage – although reports to the IMO continue to demonstrate significant non-compliance – but particularly shippers and those who have little appreciation of the stresses and vagaries of transport.” He added: “Internet-based training is the only effective way of reaching this mass market and supplementing national training facilities that are already in place in some jurisdictions.”

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