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NCB Group company Exis Technologies launches new website

News April 19 / 2021    8:50 am

Exis Technologies, NCB Group company and leader in IT solutions for the shipment of dangerous goods by sea, has launched a new rebranded website. The website, which now brings together all of the company’s products under the Exis Technologies company brand name, is to help their ongoing, not for profit mission of Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea.

James Douglas, CEO, commented, “Exis has been developing and selling systems for nearly 35 years but the company’s product portfolio has evolved considerably over the past ten years, and even more so since it became part of the NCB Group in April 2018. It was time to update our website in line with how our products are tailored to different segments of the market and make it easier for people to understand what we can offer and how we can help. We have been taking a close look at where the problems lie in the industry regarding issues such as container fires. NCB’s practical knowledge with their background in container inspections and our IMDG Code knowledge and IT expertise has helped us to clarify which solutions we should focus on, and how to present those products moving forward. We felt that the best approach was to develop a new look and feel for the website, better navigation and bring all of our products together under the Exis brand.”

The new website has sections for Hazcheck Systems, e-learning training courses, IMDG Code Support (as Exis is also an IMO reseller of digital IMO products) and IMO digital products. There is online purchasing for our ‘off the shelf’ solutions. A dedicated ‘free resources’ section offers free industry tools and IMDG Code resources.


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