Since 1866, DFDS has been involved in domestic as well as international trade, transporting both freight and passengers. Today DFDS is a leading integrated shipping and logistics company in northern Europe with a network of 25 routes and 55 ships in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel, with the logistics division providing transport solutions in most of Europe.

DFDS is one of three RORO companies operating out of the Port of Dover, Europe’s largest passenger port, crossing the English Channel to Calais and Dunkerque. DFDS shipped 882,457 freight vehicles from Dover during April 2013 – April 2014 and of those 30,455 were classified as dangerous under IMDG Code regulations.

DFDS, Dover has been using Hazcheck Professional since 2011 when they acquired Norfolkline, who had used it previously from 2007.  “Our team has used Hazcheck Professional at Dover for many years to check the vast amount of items that are carried on our ferries each year across the English Channel.  We have five vessels each with their own stowage plan comprising what can be accepted on board and where.  Hazcheck Professional speeds up the process of checking items against the IMDG Code and making sure it is safe to ship them together.”

The Denmark operations of DFDS use Hazcheck Toolkits in their own in-house system.  They use the IMDG Code Dangerous Goods List and segregation routines.  They also use the ADR tunnel codes in their system to ensure compliance during the road leg of the journeys once the shipments have left their port.

Hazcheck Professional provides container line operators with confirmation at the point of cargo booking that DG shipments comply with the requirements of the IMDG Code. These checks are executed in a fraction of the time required for manual searching in the regulations and with maximum reliability and accuracy. Hazcheck Professional then supports stowage and segregation on board and produces the dangerous cargo manifest required by ports en route.

Hazcheck Toolkits are DG databases and a library of routines for incorporation into cargo booking, handling and planning systems. These provide dangerous goods validation functionality for integration into an existing or planned system or product

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