MSC, a privately owned, global organisation operating a network of over 480 offices in 150 countries, employs a team of more than 60,000 people.  Its fleet of 460 container vessels has an intake capacity of circa 2.75 million TEU and the company’s extensive network of sailing schedules spans 200 routes, calling at 315 ports, and enabling them to deliver all types of cargo, safely and swiftly, almost anywhere in the world.  Among its many cargo specialisms, MSC is a highly experienced expert in chemical transportation.

Staff based in agency offices around the globe, have first-hand experience of local requirements and regulations regarding chemicals/dangerous goods in ports worldwide. Their focus is ensuring that the highest level of safety and environmental standards are met. MSC also has a specialist chemical support department based at its Antwerp home port, in Belgium.  It is this department which ensures shipments meet the stringent compliance requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and it provides any necessary contingency plans en route.

Specialist chemists ensure the chemical cargo (and the box it sits next to) is stowed and shipped in-keeping with the necessary legal and safety requirements.

MSC was looking for an IMDG Code training solution which could be rolled out globally across its network of offices.  The company purchased the SCORM version of IMDG Code e-learning to allow students to train using the company’s learning management system.  The project team implemented the Amendment 37-14 last year and will be implementing the Amendment 38-16 training programme over the next few months. This programme utilises a wide range of the IMDG Code e-learning courses available, to ensure that staff are receiving the most appropriate training for their job role.

MSC is also incorporating the 49 CFR training module into the programme, which looks at the additional requirements in 49 CFR when shipping into/from the USA under the IMDG Code provisions.

To date, the company has successfully trained 21,000 people working as part of the worldwide MSC network. This includes agents, fleet operators and terminals.

For several years, MSC has also been using Exis Technologies Hazcheck compliance system to check shipments against the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

Dirk Vande Velde, Corporate Senior Director, MSC Chemical Transports, has been working closely with Exis Technologies to implement IMDG Code compliance solutions for many years.

Dirk commented: “For some time now, we have been working very closely with Exis to replace our existing training with the Exis Dangerous Cargo training across our global network. We have been really pleased with how the relationship has developed, how well they have understood the complex needs of our business, and how their specific training tools have performed in terms of our requirements.

We look forward to continuing the implementation of the current training programme.”

MSC group photo

From left to right Cdt., Dirk Vande Velde- MSC CSO,  Mr., Nicola Privato – DNV-GL,  Mr., Claudio Bozzo – MSC COO, Mrs Valeria Fazio – DNV-Gl and Mr., Diego Russo – DNV-GL during the ceremony of the handing of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 26000 certificates at the MSC Geneva Head Quarter. Training is an important part of the certification process.

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