Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals (RST) occupies a key position in the European shortsea network, focussing on container transhipment in the Port of Rotterdam where it handles more than half a million containers a year, the majority of shortsea transhipment in the port.

The RST terminals are split between North and South side to optimise loading/unloading times and modern ship to shore cranes handle cargo twenty-four hours, seven days a week, all year round. The terminals total 46 hectares centrally located in the port and easily reached from the North Sea.

RST are proud of their ‘magic combination of men and machines’ that delivers efficient logistics solutions to their growing customer base. Supported by the latest technology, RST staff are key to this and training plays a vital role in maintaining skills and performance. This extends to handling the dangerous goods that form a significant part of shortsea traffic. RST’s technology policy extends to delivering effective computer-based training and for DG training they implemented IMDG Code e-learning: general awareness for management and function-specific for operations staff.

Wouter Denkelaar, Manager General Affairs, has seen the benefits of this approach, ‘Our staff have been trained effectively thanks to IMDG Code e-learning. It delivers quality-assured training at economic costs and with less time away from the workplace than classroom training.’

IMDG Code e-learning is a cost-effective online training tool for all shore side staff involved in the handling and transport of dangerous goods by sea. It was developed with the support of the International Maritime Organization, and gives high quality training that complies with both the general awareness and function specific training requirements in the IMDG Code.

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