SARC BV (Naval Architectural Software and Engineering Centre) was founded in 1980. Herbert Koelman, founder and managing director of SARC, was among the first to recognise the potential of computer applications in the field of naval architectural calculations. Starting with simple programs for tables of hydrostatic data, tank sounding tables and hydrostatic stability calculations, SARC continued to develop new software, investigating and implementing new techniques. Today SARC’s in house developed PIAS software (Program for the Integral Approach of Ship design) is used by over 150 users, among which design offices, classification societies, the Dutch navy, shipyards and ship owners over the world. Over 1100 vessels are equipped and sailing with LOCOPIAS, the loading computer software of SARC.

Today SARC employs an enthousiast team of trained and experienced naval architects, involved in software engineering, software and project support, project management and is continuously investing in research and development.

SARC implemented  Hazcheck Toolkits into their LOCOPIAS software at the end of 2017. LOCOPIAS is on-board loading computer software for the calculation of intact stability, grain stability, longitudinal strength (including torsion), floodability, damage stability and damage-evaluations calculations. Hazcheck Toolkits has been integrated into the LOCOPIAS software to allow SARC to offer dangerous goods validation capability to its customers.

Mark Visser, naval architect at SARC, commented, “We are delighted to be working with Exis Technologies to deliver dangerous goods capability within our LOCOPIAS system. Having Hazcheck embedded inside LOCOPIAS enables SARC to deliver up to date IMDG Code data and segregation/stowage location validation to our customers as part of the vessel planning /loading process. Exis takes care of keeping the Hazcheck up to date with the latest regulations leaving us to focus on the other features of LOCOPIAS.”

Hazcheck Toolkits are DG databases and a library of routines for incorporation into cargo booking, handling and planning systems. These provide dangerous goods validation functionality for integration into an existing or planned system or product.  The toolkits are available in several formats, including a web service.

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