Seatruck Ferries is part of the Bahamas-based Clipper Group Ltd, a major global shipping consortium. Seatruck is the only dedicated freight ferry company on the Irish Sea, operating eight purpose built high speed, high capacity freight vessels. The quality services are focused on unaccompanied shipments, offering significant savings over driver-accompanied journeys.

Freight-only services with limited passengers are especially useful for customers shipping dangerous goods. Seatruck supports this sector with Hazcheck Professional state of the art DG management that increases efficiency and ensures safety and regulatory compliance in busy 24 x 7 operations. They also use IMDG Code e-learning for their staff training.

Tor Hughes, Seatruck Ferries Port Safety Manager, compares using Hazcheck Professional with manual checking of dangerous goods using the IMDG Code books. ‘This is a fast-moving business but with no room for error on dangerous goods. Hazcheck Professional enables us to process DG rapidly, accurately and safely, ensuring that we are complying with the IMDG Code. In addition, IMDG Code e-learning keeps us up to date with training on the regulations.’

Hazcheck Professional provides container line operators with confirmation at the point of cargo booking that DG shipments comply with the requirements of the IMDG Code. These checks are executed in a fraction of the time required for manual searching in the regulations and with maximum reliability and accuracy. Hazcheck Professional then supports stowage and segregation on board and produces the dangerous cargo manifest required by ports en route.

IMDG Code e-learning is a cost-effective online training tool for all shore side staff involved in the handling and transport of dangerous goods by sea. It gives high quality training that complies with both the general awareness and function specific training requirements in the IMDG Code

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