E-Dea, headquartered in Italy, has been supplying IT solutions since 2000. Their technology has been used by leading ferry companies and ports located in Europe and North America, to significantly improve passengers’ experience, with direct effect on revenue generating capabilities. E-Dea combines industry best practices with innovative technology and world-class services that enable maritime transport operators worldwide to maximize performance, increase revenue, streamline processes and reduce costs.

In 2016 E-Dea integrated Exis Technologies’ Hazcheck Web Service dangerous goods compliance functionality into the latest version of their software platform for ferries, cruise and RoRo companies.

The Hazcheck Web Service is a set of dangerous goods data packages and routines for incorporation into cargo booking, handling, ERP and planning systems. It offers IMDG Code compliance and the additional provisions and/or variations applicable when using the 49 CFR, ADR, TDG and RID regulations with the IMDG Code.

E-Dea customers can now check their cargo shipments against the regulations before they leave the port to ensure that there are no potential accidents once out at sea.

Marco Pavoncelli, E-Dea Chief Commercial Officer, commented: “E-Dea is delighted to be able to offer the Hazcheck functionalities within our software products.Several ferry companies have already approached us regarding integrating it into their current system. Many people do not realise that the IMDG Code regulations apply to passenger ships as well as deep sea container lines. Ferries and RORO ships also need to be aware of the substances that are being carried on their ships for the safety of the passengers and the crew. As members of Interferry ourselves, E-Dea and Exis Technologies felt that the Interferry Conference would be an excellent platform to launch this new service jointly to the other Interferry members”.

Hazcheck Web Service  – is a web API version of Hazcheck Toolkits, DG databases and a library of routines for incorporation into cargo booking, handling, ERP and planning systems (for example, SAP and Oracle EBS).  These provide dangerous goods validation functionality for integration into an existing or planned system or product.

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