Yang Ming

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (Yang Ming), headquartered in Taiwan, was established on December 28, 1972. Their core values “Teamwork, Innovation, Honesty and Pragmatism” help them to provide global and sophisticated marine transportation services. By providing their customers with high-quality “punctual, speedy, reliable, and economical” services, Yang Ming has become one of the leading shipping companies in the world.

As of November 2017, Yang Ming operates a fleet of 98 vessels with a 6-million-D.W.T / operating capacity 590 thousand TEUs, and container ships make up the majority of the serving fleet.

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation offers scheduled container transportation service across Asia, Europe, America, and Australia. They have been continuing to upgrade their fleet and services to maintain their achievement of being one of the world’s best carriers. Yang Ming use Hazcheck Gateway to check customer bookings for IMDG code compliance and Hazcheck Enterprise to Dangerous Goods requests received from partner lines for shipment on Yang Ming vessels.

Johnny Chuang, Senior Manager, DG Center/Operations Dept, Yang Ming, commented, “We have used Hazcheck Gateway for a number of years to validate and check our own bookings. The recent addition of Hazcheck Enterprise has helped to save time when checking partner booking on Yang Ming vessels.”


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